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Recently, we’ve been delving into the skills here at Brunswick and decided to take on the race tracks of Le Mans and Silverstone.

We’ve been working with Strakka Racing to create some beautiful cinematography. Initially it seemed Rohan and Heath were just using this as an excuse to have a little jolly holiday to enjoy the beautiful sights of France and an opportunity to film some awesome motors. However, the “holiday” became a fast-paced weekend in the heat filming some fantastic talent on the tracks. Along with a new addition to the team, Javier the Sound Guru, the team filmed through the day and edited their day’s work throughout the night to have some smashing footage by the morning. And then again…

A couple of weekends later, the mission started again at Silverstone but boy was it worth it. Though the beautiful French sun was a far cry from Silverstone’s less idyllic weather, it was still totally worth it. The rain spraying from the track at 120 Frames a Second on the RED Epic made life worth living!

If you want to check out some of our work, have a sneaky peek here:


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