100% Legal

We are the only provider of Red Epic Aerial cinematography in the UK under the CAA’s BNUC-STM license. We are fully insured and are ready to go!


Precision Engineering

All our units have been carefully manufactured to the highest standard. We are capable of shooting from ground level up to 400ft in the same shot. No other camera platform can do this.  


Any Camera Up To 6kg

Our octocopters can carry the best digital cameras on the market (DSLR cameras, Blackmagic, RED, etc) up to 6 kg of weight and can fly for about 10 minutes. A quick battery change will see us back in the air in no time.


Any Shot, Anywhere

Hiring our services means you will get a full package – Octocopter, RED Epic, camera operator and a pilot. We are completely insured and can fly just about anywhere with the right amount pre-production time.

A Selection Of Our Clients

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