Just a few reasons to shoot RED

There are many many more.

 The RED EPIC ushers in the next generation of digital cinema, featuring a 5K sensor capable of capturing 1 to 120 frames per second at full resolution. From fashion spreads to 3D IMAX features, EPIC has crossbred elite photography with unrivaled cinema capability—all in a camera the size of a DSLR. In challenging lighting conditions, EPIC makes it easy to adapt with its ability to reach up to 18 stops of dynamic range with HDRx. Remarkable technology packed into a 4lb body – with EPIC, less is more.


 HDRx is extremely important when using an Octocopter through varying degrees of exposure. It basically means that the sky won’t blow out when you tilt up to it. Most modern camera will just clip and all colour information will be gone, leaving just white pixels. However the Epic will be able to hold those highlights and keep that sky a lovely blue.


 Being able to record in higher frame rates allows for a lovely smooth, flowing look to the footage.