Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Octocopter?

An octocopter is a remote controlled aircraft with 8 propellors. On our models we have a gimbal mounted to the bottom to allow the camera 360 degree rotation once in the air. Octocopters are chosen for aerial cinematography because they are extremely stable once airborne and provide a steady platform for capturing footage.

 How long can it fly?

Our octocopter units can fly, with a RED Epic, for 9 minutes before having to come back to change batteries.

 What weather conditions can it fly in?

The octocopter can fly in most conditions. Obviously the less windy it is, the steadier the shot will be. However even in strong wind the octocopter is cable of using advanced GPS to steady itself and keep itself hovering in the same position.

 It is also possible to operate the octocopter in light rain (spitting rain)?

Anything more than a light rain and the octocopter is unable to fly.

 Can it fly indoors?

Whilst the Octocopter is a large unit, it is capable of flying indoors in a large space. It is even capable of doing exterior to interior shots, providing the entrance is large enough.

 What happens if something goes wrong?

Not much can go wrong. In the event of any trouble, the unit will automatically land  itself at the ‘home’ position (the takeoff position).

 What cameras can it take?

The main camera we use on the octocopter is the RED Epic. However we can also use all DSLR’s and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. It can also take a stripped down C300.

 What size crew is needed to operate the Octocopter?

We always require a two person crew when flying the Octocopter. We have one person as the main pilot and another who is the camera gimbal operator.

 Can we use the Epic when it’s not on the Octocopter?

No. When hiring us for the day, the Epic is only to be used on the Octocopter. This is because the camera must be setup in a very specific way and to swap the camera into different configurations during the day would be a health and safety risk. We do have another Epic you can rent for the main camera if you need it.

 Are you licensed?

We have been granted permission by the CAA’s BNUC-STM license, which allows us to conduct aerial operations in the UK and Europe.

 How stable is it?


 What lenses can be used on the Epic or other cameras?

Ones that don’t weigh alot! We use converted Nikkor stills lenses to save on weight whilst not compromising on image quality. It is possible to use some of the small Zeiss PL mount primes as well.