2016 February

Celebrity Juice

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This week we were lucky enough to host one of Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice Promos. Chaos ensues…

It was a very – how do we put it – ‘Keith Lemon’ experience; a fabulously loud and random affaire with oh-so much sparkle. We were treated to goats, chickens, superheroes and a stunt woman jumping through the barn doors – an extravaganza one would say.

We removed the barn doors in the Loft for a talented bunch in the Art Department to replace with two scenery flats matching the open brickwork for Fearne Cotton (or an unsettlingly similar looking stunt woman) to jump through. Obviously.

The space was then transformed into a large open plan office with desks and paper everywhere to then be entirely trashed. It was practically an Office Party. So Keith if you’re reading now, do pop along again if you’re passing by.

To see what we’re chatting about, take a looky:

Billie the Fashionista Photographer

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Today we had the wonderful Billie Scheepers in all the way from Berlin to take her fabulous photos in nowhere other than Brunswick Studios. It was a joy – albeit a hit to the old self esteem – to have such beautiful Trendy Wendys wandering around the Studios. Feeling hideously underdressed, we shy-ed away but only after we got evidence. Sheesh, now there’s a lady who knows how to take a snap.



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