First Dates

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It’s been pretty manic here at Brunswick with bookings coming out of our ears. We’ve had bookings both in the Studio, the Loft and both at the same time which has pushed Tanya’s Multitasking skills to Expert. Fear not, she has been rewarded with her very own office stapler. Multisheet documents – WATCH OUT.

Fortunately Valentine’s Day came and went but it seems to have brought the best out in the Studios and Love is in the air. Twenty Twenty TV have graced us with First Dates, the fantastically addictive dating show on Channel 4. Essentially they match up two people and we get to watch the (potentially and more-often-than-not) awkward first date. The couple are then interviewed together to review their time together and oh boy it’s a hoot.

The guys and gals built their setup in the Studio with the downstairs green room to keep the guests entertained. The show is airing now. It’s a Triumph. 9PM Channel 4 Tuesday.


Celebrity Juice

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This week we were lucky enough to host one of Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice Promos. Chaos ensues…

It was a very – how do we put it – ‘Keith Lemon’ experience; a fabulously loud and random affaire with oh-so much sparkle. We were treated to goats, chickens, superheroes and a stunt woman jumping through the barn doors – an extravaganza one would say.

We removed the barn doors in the Loft for a talented bunch in the Art Department to replace with two scenery flats matching the open brickwork for Fearne Cotton (or an unsettlingly similar looking stunt woman) to jump through. Obviously.

The space was then transformed into a large open plan office with desks and paper everywhere to then be entirely trashed. It was practically an Office Party. So Keith if you’re reading now, do pop along again if you’re passing by.

To see what we’re chatting about, take a looky:

Billie the Fashionista Photographer

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Today we had the wonderful Billie Scheepers in all the way from Berlin to take her fabulous photos in nowhere other than Brunswick Studios. It was a joy – albeit a hit to the old self esteem – to have such beautiful Trendy Wendys wandering around the Studios. Feeling hideously underdressed, we shy-ed away but only after we got evidence. Sheesh, now there’s a lady who knows how to take a snap.



Welcome 2016

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So we welcome 2016 with a smashing start; Rohan has started yet another extreme sport (mountain biking in the forests of everywhere) whilst Tanya continues to manage the Studio – sat on her ‘festive’ behind.

We’ve been busy organising the Studio with a rather busy schedule ahead (don’t worry boys and girls – there are still plenty of tickets available) 2016 has quite the potential.

Stay tuned…

Anything is possible – All you need is a Forklift Truck

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Anything is possible.


One of our clients needed to build a 3-walled set in half the Loft and the other half – well that’s a surprise. Though we can’t tell you much about the project just yet (Oh the suspense) we’d just like to show you how they managed to get a sofa and 6 wooden flats to build their fabulous set (pictures to come – promise)…CRNizgkWwAILRiRCRNi0H6WgAEImHK

The Apprentice makes it to Brunswick

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And the most wonderful time of the year swings around at last – we wave goodbye to our Wednesday evenings of the Great British Bakeoff to be fed hilarious anecdotal treasures from Lord Alan Sugar and his vibrant contestants.

Yes The Apprentice is welcomed back on our screens and here at Brunswick Studios, we got front row seats for the second Episode’s Shampoo antics.

The two teams arrived as dramatically as to be expected and filled the Studios with their “discussions” of wisdom and passion. It was brilliant to have such a lively bunch both in the Loft and Studio. We had no idea what to expect but a man having a hairwash in his undercrackers was pretty surprising.

It was a joy to have such a wonderful team here and a real insight into the world of business…

Christabel’s Edible Playground

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Once again we were absolutely thrilled to have Christabel and her team join us for another bizarre and fun filled evening.

The evening was themed as an Edible Playground. To begin with, guests were served beautifully retro Cocktails from Ruby the Glampervan Cocktail Bar in the entrance of Brunswick. Then guests were treated to the Edible playground in the Loft. The Event consisted of Snakes & Ladders Bruschetta; Build your own Quinoa Castle with Pink Playdough (of course); paint your own Chicken and a delicious Chocolate Ganache Lego with Shortbread Jenga.

The Loft was transformed into a playground. The team decorated the space to bring back the sweet sweet memories of Childhood but with an adult twist.



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We were lucky enough to have the incredibly talented Carys Watford here in the Studios last week filming her new short film.

Carys is an upcoming film director who dabbles in shorts and fashion promos. She has directed numerous award winningBrunswick3LR
shorts such as Braced Off and 17
Things I Love About You
and now we’re looking forward to seeing the finished Theatreland.

Whilst here at Brunswick, hoping not to give too much away; there was dancing, Shakespeare and a fantastic-yet-very-sorry-looking moth-come-butterfly learning to dance: All perfect Sunday night entertainment.

The crew were here on Sunday evening and managed to create a brilliant daylight set at 7pm in the evening. Check out the photos. Cinematography by the talented Mr McWaters.



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It was a joy to film a promo for Keller Watches last week. Keller Watches sell Designer Watches all across the world. We were asked to film a small promo for them in the Studios. Here’s what we did:



Christabel’s Wimbledon Wonderland

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Last weekend celebrated the finest of Great Britain’s sportsmanship at Wimbledon 2015…Well from Serbia and Switzerland anyway.

It’s not all about the tennis, it’s more about the pimms, strawberries, cream and of course edible tennis balls.

Yes Christabel performed her Wonderland magic again in the Loft last Sunday as Wimbledon played away on the big screen we were treated to a BBQ with delicious soy ginger Pulled pork, Pomegranate Rocket and mustard yoghurt wraps as well as Afternoon tea with a twist with delicious glitter brownies, edible tennis balls, salted caramel tarts, scones with Marmalade and white chocolate and of course strawberries and cream were aplenty on the terrace.

The loft was transformed into a Tennis-mania Madhatter’s Tea Party. So hat’s off to Christabel, it was marvellous.

All photos supplied by Christabel’s wonderful photography team.






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